Public Service openings in the City of Midland

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May 31, 2019 – The Midland Planning Commission has two vacant seats the City Council will be filling very soon.

The Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the five elected members of the Midland City Council.

One may be a member of the zoning board of appeals and one may be a member of the City Council.

These are not paid positions. The term of each board and commission member is typically three years. And each board and commission has its own application.

The group meets every other Tuesday night. Attendance is critical – planning commissioners can't miss more than four meetings in a calendar year.

The Planning Commission is responsible for overseeing the City's master plan, conducting public hearings and offering recommendations to the City Council on a wide range of local land use issues including site plans for new developments, zoning law amendments and various land divisions.

Grant Murschel, the City's Director of Planning and Community Development, is the staff liaison.

These are really important seats, and a great chance for citizens of the City to get involved via action, not just keyboards.  If interested, applications should be turned in ASAP.

Civic involvement is where it's at!  Call or email the Midland County Democratic Party if you have questions or need help completing any city board or commission application.


Click to start the City of Midland's Board & Commission Application Process.




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