MCDP Officers, Teams, and Staff

Puzzle SolvingOfficers

Chair – Joan Brausch
Vice Chair – Greg Mayville
2nd Vice Chair – Ron Parmele
Treasurer – Linda Barth
Secretary – Yvonne Gorton
Membership – Sara Clavez
Technology – Kathleen Haney
Volunteer Coordinator – Open — please Contact Us if interested!



Teams are a great way to get involved with the Democratic Party. We're still in the development process and working on getting enough people for the teams to function independently. Each team will have a designated Captain to communicate with team members and organize meetings.

Teams  provide recommendations regarding formal policies, programs and procedures to the MCDP Board, and monitor implementation of these adopted recommendations. 

Determine which area you think you can best contribute and contact us to learn more!

Candidate Recruitment and Development Team:  Recruit and support candidates for local and state offices.  Especially begin development early of local candidates to produce a bench for future state office runs. 

Precinct Delegates Team:  Develop a full slate of precinct delegates and best practices for being active.

Communications Team:  Develop and implement a communication plan that supports local Democratic candidates, values, positions and message.  

Broad Community Presence Team:  Develop a broad community presence to support a positive view of Democratic candidates, values and positions.  

Fundraising & Special Events Team:  Increase our fundraising to support the local party activities. Organize, plan and execute special events such as Spring Trivia Night, Ice Cream Social, Voter Registration events, and more.



Our monthly meetings take place on the third Wednesday, 6:30pm, in the County Building, 220 W. Ellsworth.  We do not meet in August or in December.

There are lots of ways to get involved and make your voice heard. We're always interested in gaining new members or finding a way to volunteer that's right for you. Contact us and together we can make a difference.

(Image courtesy of Scott Maxwell via Flickr)